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Product Description


Single Wound High-speed Packaging Film


Designed for flow packaging by DMPACK, this innovative film performs well on high-speed automatic shrink wrappers with maximum output 250 pcs/min. When films running on such shrink wrappers, the uniformity of sealing is a must that requires shrink films of superior seal and strength. Besides these properties, we have reformed the micro-structure of the film surface for a more stable high speed packaging operation. In addition, heat sensitive products can be packed through this film due to its low temperature shrinking property. Heat tunnels will cost less energy by running this film. All DMPACK's shrink films have been tested by SGS according to REACH, FDA standards etc., and meet the regulations of contacting with foods.


This film offers a variety advantages include:

1. Max packaging rate 250 pcs/min;

2. Excellent sealing tension;

3. High shrink performance at low temperatures;

4. Save energy of heat tunnels;

5. High shrink machninery compatibitity;