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basic information
Product Description


Hot Slip Polyolefin (POF) Shrink Film


DMPACK-02's main advantage is excellent hot slip property. The surface of the film without hot slip property usually causes stick after shrinking at high temperature that makes it is hard to put the packages together. DMPACK-02 is your best choice to avoid such difficulties. And DMPACK-02 performs great on high-speed automatic shrink wrappers with maximum output 250 pcs/min. Except for the hot slip property, it has all good properties of DMPACK-01. All DMPACK's shrink films have been tested by SGS according to REACH, FDA standards etc., and meet the regulations of contacting with foods.



It can cover nearly all of the applications of DMPACK-01. In some cases DMPACK-02 has a better performance for special packaging requirements, specially on high-speed machines.