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basic information
Product Description


High Quality Standard Polyolefin (POF) Shrink Film


DMPACK-01 is a strong and high clarity biaxial oriented heat shrinkable film that has stable shrinkage and does not have hard ear when working on machines. With features of tough, cold resistant, soft and etc., it can protect your products efficiently and show your products perfectly without emitting harmful gas during usage. It is an economical shrink film which works easily on most shrink packaging machines.



DMPACK-01 is used to pack both regular and irregular shape products, such as boxes, cups, stationery, books, magazines, toys, cosmetics, fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, pastry, fast food and etc etc. All DMPACK's shrink films have been tested by SGS according to REACH, FDA standards etc., and meet the regulations of contacting with foods.


Values listed are average test values to be used for information purposes, subject to possible variations. Products are to be stored in dry conditions below 35℃.